Hoja de Ruta. About us

Bike rental for the day for you to get to know Casablanca Valley and its surroundings in two wheels.


Hoja de Ruta. About us

The bike includes helmet and locket security.



Lautaro 330, Casablanca, Valparaíso REGION

Find us at the “Cicles Don Memo” store located in Chacabuco 706, corner Lautaro


From Santiago


  • By bus, you must get off at the Chacabuco overpass, and walk two blocks down Chacabuco street to the intersection with Lautaro street. Here is the bicycle shop “Cicles Don Memo” where you ask for us.
  • By vehicle, on Route 68 pass the crossing with Algarrobo (connection Route F-90) you will find the entrance to Casablanca at the Tapihue level crossing. Here you will enter Avenida Portales, at the intersection with Avenida Bernardo O’Higgins turn right and following the path you will enter Arturo Prat Avenue, at the first crossing at the intersection with Chacabuco street you turn left. The first street to the left is Lautaro, in this corner is “Cicles Don Memo” where you ask for us.

From Valparaíso


  • By bus: we recommend you to take Buses Casablanca from the Valparaíso Bus Terminal. When you arrive at Casablanca, the bus takes a tour around the urban area through the main avenues: Constitución, Portales, Bernardo O’Higgins and Arturo Prat. Then enters Chacabuco street and you ask the driver to leave you at the intersection with Lautaro where “Cicles Don Memo” is located where you ask for us. Another option is to take a shared yellow taxi (colectivo), the bus stop is in Avenida Argentina between Chacabuco and Pedro Montt streets, and you ask the driver to leave you in Chacabuco with Lautaro, where “Cicles Don Memo” is located.
  • By vehicle: on Route 68 pass Lo Vásquez is the entrance to Casablanca, where there is a toll plaza. You will enter Avenida Constitución and after the first bus stop to the left you enter through Arturo Prat Avenue. At the first crossing, the intersection with Chacabuco street, turn right and you will see the “Cicles Don Memo” store where you ask for us.



* ​​All services include Bicycle Trek ring 26, safety helmet, lock and pump.

  • Payment methods: cash in Chilean pesos or US dollars (according to the exchange rate of the day published by the Central Bank).
  • Reservations: it is only necessary to check the availability of bicycles on the day of rental. We have 6 bicycles.
  • Office hours: from 9:30 to 20:00
  • Location: Our office is located in Lautaro 330, Casablanca. But you can find us in “Cicles Don Memo” store, located in Chacabuco 706, corner Lautaro, Casablanca.



  • Address: Lautaro 330, Casablanca, Valparaíso Region.
  • Find us at the “Cicles Don Memo” store located in Chacabuco 706, corner Lautaro
  • contacto@hojaderutatours.cl
  • +56984148060


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